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        KCZLJ-1 Finished product finishing machine


        Use and characteristics:

        KCZLJ-1 Finished product finishing machine is the company's newly developed food machinery, mainly used in the whole ser

        The work process is carried out in three steps. The first stage is vibration chipping and product unwinding. The tray of the machine has a vibration motor, which drives the tray to vibrate together, and the product vibration is transmitted to the lower conveyor belt, and the slag on the product is shaken off, discharged from the tray hole, and partially broken. The cake is also discharged from the hole. The second grade is the product, the biscuit slides from the tray to the short transmission line below, enters the middle section of the machine, there are 7-13 whole rows, the products are sorted, and there is a set of cutters at the end of the conveyor belt to push the product. Arrange to the rear long conveyor belt. The third stage is a long conveyor belt. After the first two stages, the products have been neatly arranged on the long conveyor belt, and the rear redistribution is packaged by the pillow packaging machine.

        In addition, all parts of the machine are self-contained and assembled with solid parts, so it is very convenient to disassemble and repair. Therefore, the machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance. 

        Technical Parameters:

        ( P/H )
        0.752.3-200.251.51-5約 10000-700001000*1820*12000

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