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        What are the meat processing equipment?

        editor:admin │ Release time:2018-08-14 

        What are the meat processing equipment? Generally speaking, the common meat processing equipment in the family has a meat grinder and a sausage filling machine. However, there are many equipments in the meat processing factory. Commonly, there are chopping machines, meat grinders, sausage filling machines, tumblers, salt water injection machines, dicing machines, cooking tanks, automatic filling and ligation machines, sausage peeling machines, Smoke device... Most of the above mentioned devices are semi-automatic or fully automatic, saving time and effort. Let's take a closer look at the following series.

        1, meat grinder

        A meat grinder is a device that twists meat that has been cut into pieces into pieces. Sausage processing is essential. The meat that has been twisted by the meat grinder can eliminate the defects such as different types of raw meat, different hardness and hardness, different thickness of muscle fiber, etc., so that the raw materials of the sausage are uniform and the quality of the product is ensured.

        The structure of the meat grinder is composed of a screw, a knife and an orifice plate (sifter plate), and a 3-stage meat grinder is generally used. The so-called three-stage means that the meat passes through three orifice plates of different pore sizes, and two sets of knives are installed between the three orifice plates.

        The commonly used meat grinder is: the diameter of the screw is 130mm, the screw speed is 150~500r/min, and the processed meat is 20~600kg/h.

        Before operation, it should be checked: the machinery can not be loose and cracked, the orifice plate and the knife are installed at the proper position, and the rotation speed is stable. The most important thing to note is to avoid the increase in meat temperature due to frictional heat and the squeezing of the meat into a paste due to the bluntness of the knife.

        2, chopping machine

        The chopper is one of the essential machines for sausage processing. There are a small size chopping machine from a processing capacity of 20 kg to a large chopping machine of 500 kg, and a kneading machine under vacuum conditions, which is called a vacuum chopping machine.

        The kneading process has a great influence on the adhesion of the control product, so it requires skilled operation. That is to say, the kneading is to further mash the meat that has been twisted by the meat grinder, and the adhesive composition is analyzed from the composition of the meat, and the meat and the meat are adhered. Therefore, the knives of the chopper must remain sharp.

        The structure of the chopper is: the turntable rotates at a certain speed, and a simmering knife (3~8 pieces) at right angles is mounted on the plate and rotates at a certain speed. There are many types of chopping machines, and the speeds of the chopping machines vary from ultra-low speed choppers of hundreds of revolutions per minute to ultra-high speed choppers of 5000 r/min, which can be selected as needed.

        The kneading process adds seasonings, spices and other additives to the side and cuts the meat and mixes them evenly. However, the results of the mixing are different depending on the rotation speed, the mixing time, the raw materials, etc., so pay attention to the amount of ice and fat added to ensure the quality of the mixing.

        3, sausage machine

        The enema machine is a machine used for filling meat into the casing, and is divided into three types: a pneumatic type, a hydraulic type, and an electric filling machine. According to whether vacuum is taken, whether it is quantitative, it can be divided into vacuum quantitative enema machine, non-vacuum quantitative enema machine and general enema machine. There is also a vacuum continuous filling and quantitative ligation machine, which is continuously carried out from filling to ligation, which can greatly improve the production capacity.

        The pneumatic sausage filling machine is driven by air pressure. There is a small hole in the upper part of the circular cylinder. Here, the nozzle for filling is installed. The piston is driven by compressed air at the lower part of the cylinder, and the piston is pushed by the air pressure to squeeze the meat. Press it out and pour it into the casing.

        In addition, with the increasing variety of casings, especially the development of new varieties of artificial casings, there are more and more types of enema machines. For example, with a cellulose casing, the filling operation is very simple, and it can be automatically filled without human hands. It can fill 1400~1600kg of Frankfurt sausage and pen sausage every hour.

        4, saline injection machine

        In the past, pickling often used dry pickling (wiping on the surface of the meat) and wet pickling (in the pickling), but it took a certain amount of time for the marinade to penetrate the center of the meat. And the penetration of the marinade is very uneven.

        In order to solve the above problems, the method of injecting the pickling liquid into the raw meat is used, which shortens the pickling time and evenly distributes the pickled preparation. The salt water injection machine is constructed by loading the pickling liquid into a liquid storage tank, feeding the pickling liquid in the liquid storage tank into the injection needle by pressurization, and conveying the raw meat with a stainless steel conveyor belt, and having dozens of injection needles on the upper portion thereof. The marinade is quantitatively, uniformly and continuously injected into the raw meat by the up and down movement of the injection needle (5 to 120 movements per minute up and down).

        5, rolling machine

        There are two types of tumblers: one is the drum type (Tumbler) and the other is the massing machine (Massag machine).

        Roller type tumbler: The shape is a horizontally placed drum. The drum is filled with meat that needs to be rolled after being injected by salt water. As the drum rotates, the meat is turned up and down in the cylinder, causing the meat to collide with each other, thereby achieving the purpose of massage. .

        Agitating tumbler: This machine is similar to a mixer. The shape is also cylindrical, but it cannot be rotated. The drum is equipped with a rotating blade. The meat is stirred by the blade to make the meat roll up and down in the cylinder and rub against each other. Become slack.

        The tumbler and the saline injection machine can accelerate the penetration of the saline injection into the meat. Shorten the pickling time and make the pickles even. At the same time, the salt can also extract salt-soluble protein to increase the adhesion, improve the sliceability of the product, and increase the water retention.

        6, mixer

        A machine for mixing and mixing meat, spices and other additives. In the production of compressed ham, it is used to mix meat pieces and clam meat (meat chop), and mix raw meat and additives with a blender in making sausages. In order to remove air bubbles in the meat during mixing, we often use a vacuum mixer.

        7, frozen meat chopping machine

        The frozen meat chopping machine is specially used for chopping frozen meat. Because the machine can cut the meat in the frozen state into the required size, it is economical and sanitary, and is welcomed by users.

        8, dicing machine

        A machine for cutting livestock, fish or pig fat. This machine can cut squares from 4 to 100 mm in size, especially when making dry sausages.

        9, cooking trough

        The cooking tank is a heating vessel for heating various meat products. An automatic temperature regulator is provided on the cooking tank to automatically maintain the set temperature. The function of the cooking tank is mainly heat sterilization, and the microorganisms attached to the product are killed by high temperature, thereby improving the preservation property.

        10, automatic filling and ligation machine

        The automatic filling and ligating machine refers to a machine that can not only fill the meat but also ligature the casing with a certain amount while filling. Both natural casings and artificial casings can be filled and ligated using an automatic filling and ligation machine.

        The automatic filling and ligation machine is mainly filled by an automatic meat feeding device and a vacuum device, and then the ends of the ligation are cut off before and after compression.

        At present, the most common use is the automatic filling twisting machine. The machine can quantitatively fill the meat, and the filled sausage is twisted 2 to 3 times, and each sausage with a weight of 10 to 280 g can be processed continuously, and the processing speed can reach 70 to 200 per minute.

        In addition, there is also an automatic filling machine for filling the meat while heat sealing the film (side to the casing). The machine can process very thin pen-type sausages, and can also fill thick sausages with a diameter of 180mm.

        11, sausage peeling machine

        When the Vienna sausage is filled with a cellulose casing, the last step of the processing is to peel off the casing with a knife or compressed air. We call the machine for peeling the casing a Peeling machine.

        Peeled sausage with a peeler, we call it a skinless Vienna sausage.

        12, automatic smoke device

        Automatic smoke house means: in the smoke room, as long as the process is set, press the button to automatically complete the drying → smoking → cooking → cooling all processes, no manpower in the middle Contact with the product, and can also automatically record the temperature, humidity, time and other data during processing, so that the quality of the product is consistent with the sausage processing equipment.

        The device consists mainly of two parts: the smoking chamber and the smoke generator. The two are connected by pipes, and a smoke generator can connect one to several smoking rooms. The smoke sent to the smoking room requires adjustment of the temperature, humidity, and air volume of the smoke to perform a program combination. The smoke room has a capacity of two cars and two cars.

        The above is about the answers to the meat processing equipment, Xiandian network Xiaobian reminded that meat processing equipment must be cleaned, it is the most prone to bacteria.

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